The Haunted House Photograph Collection

Haunted House photographs taken before the change over to Duel.

Promotional image of the haunted house.
The Haunted House and Something Sinister shop.
Haunted House
Picture gallery
Picture gallery
Picture gallery
One of two warning signs. The attention to detail was amazing in the haunted house and everything was created to fit into the Victorian house.
The second of the two warning signs.
Drawing Room.
Drawing Room.
A glimpse of the ghostly apparition of Emily Alton the spirit trapped within the walls of the dolls house .
The drawing room dolls pram.
The original moving hand from the drawing room.
The book of Alton magic that mysteriously turns by an unseen hand.
The fireplace skull with devilish horns.
Fireplace shot from the drawing room.
Mantle piece of the fireplace in the drawing room.
Image of Sir Henry Alton The head in the fire.
The rocking horse that slowly rocks it's unseen rider.
Looking back towards the entrance of the drawing room.
Drawing room looking towards the ride station.
Ride Station.
One of the 4 ride station bust.
The ride entrance before y ou ente the Poltergeist room.
The Poltergeist room cracking walls and lightening.
This is the original bust from the dining room. Later it would be replaced by the screaming bust.
This illusion uses mirrors to make the dining room look bigger than it actually was. It is used to prevent you seeing the first demon.
Same shot with demon. This corridor was given a makeover some years later and a dining table was added.
Excellent Ghost train effect using black light and florescent paint to create this stone effect.
Excellent Ghost train effect using black light and florescent paint to create this stone effect.
Arched doorway that looked too small for the car to enter through, the effect included a moving column that would swing out of the way as the car got closer. This effect has long since gone but the archway remains.
The opening to Trommels tunnel. Another old fairground illusion which gives the rider the feeling of turning upside down. Originally the inside of Trommel was painted with flames to represent the flames of Hell but was repainted before opening day with UV brickwork..
The giants fingers, these fingers didn't last all that long and have been converted several times into many other creations.
Again Black light was used to great effect.
Another view of the giants fingers. The mechanism for these fingers still exist to this day and operate the zombies.

The whereabouts of the giants head is still a mystery.

The eye of the giant used to move and follow your path. The giant would speak and say that he wasn't going to hurt you.
The giant spider.
The giant spider in the hall of spiders was a great piece of theming. It would move up and down as the car went underneath and hiss loudly.
This was another scene that would play out in the skeleton corridor. As the riders moved through the darkness the flickering skull lights would activate and a ghostly skeleton would fly over head.
The skeleton ghost, removed due to a fault.
Close up of skull light from the skeleton corridor.
Illuminated skull light.
Electric Bill, still working to this day, however he has become a little redundant. His job was to plunge the house in to total darkness causing the hidden scenes to be seen as the cars went down the skeleton corridor. Alas there is nothing much left of the skeleton corridor.
This is a long forgotten effect and shows a set of amour painted on to a black screen. The screen would then be lit from behind making the amour disappear and the skeleton bed scene visible.
This is the remains of one of those scenes from the skeleton corridor. No other pictures exist to my knowledge. It shows a bed which featured a skeleton that would rise up and turn its head towards the scared people in the carriages. This would then go dark and another scene would be played out.
You would then be made to jump by Skeleton Bomb. This effect was linked to the skeleton in the bathroom and on the toilet.

This effect has long since gone and has been replaced by A female Vampire

The long lost and sometimes disputed skeleton on the toilet scene. This effect shows a skeleton reading a paper on the toilet it would disappear with a trumping sound and a cackle.
Bathroom Explosion linked to Skeleton Bomb. This effect is still working to this day although it works alone.
Head unknown, tucked away in a corner stands a column with a black mannequin head. Remnants from the haunted house or an effect never used. No one seems to know
Just before the Ghoulish Garden, you enter a strange dark corner of the haunted house that is full of ugly faces that seem to appear out of the walls, and fly overhead.
Another screaming face appears out of the dark.
Overhead Banshee.
Screaming skull.
Affectionately named Tigger by Alton Towers staff. This demon towers high above the riders. This effect still works although he has change colour. This effect originally operated in the swamp area of the haunted house but was moved due to technical problems.
This eerie monk in the cloisters waits patiently for who every passes by. In the revamp this guy was motorized and now moves slowly left and right.
A close up of the undertaker, again highlighting the importance placed on black lighting.
Look how eerie this crashed hearse looks in blacklight and the spirit rising from the coffin looks more impressive.
The undertaker beckons the poor riders to their doom.
Promotion shot of one of the gargoyle from the sinister garden.
The Lunatic emerges from out of his cave to give the unsuspecting rider a scare.
Opening day photo of Death in the sinister garden. Note that use of Blacklight.
Think back to the queue through the graveyard and the grave stone stating 'Gentle stranger pray keep walking, turn not see whom Death is stalking', well he does make an appearance within the ghoulish garden.
Just when you thought you couldn't handle another scare the pillar demon strikes, Looking quite innocent this columns would spin around almost throwing out the demon from within.
Promotion shot of the groaning rock face monster in the sinister garden.
Swamp scenery
The miniature haunted house that was illuminated by lightening, whereabouts of this model is unknown.
Another lost effect, the fallen tree.
The Witch bursts out of a crypt. This effect replaced Tigger in the swamp as he was relocated to the screaming room due to technical problems.
The original split face in the walled garden/swamp area of the Haunted House. Eventually this effect was moved and change to an alien split face. It doesn't now fit in with the rest of the ride and is awkwardly placed near Trommels tunnel.
Inside the split face originally resided the lost souls.
The open mouthed gargoyle towards the end of the ride is now empty; but when originally built it contained the dragon. It gave the rider one last scare before they entered the ride station exit.



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